Hello, everyone!

I’ve been busy with writing, just not here: a 3-page and 10-page paper for a mass media course, an admissions essay for the University of Washington, and an admissions essay for their School of Public Health.

Me, when I started college a decade ago.

Me, when I started college a decade ago.

Life has been very fast-paced, with changes going on at work, having my wallet stolen, deciding to move in with my boyfriend and determining exactly how much we can afford, stuff with my car, having a social life and of course fitting in time for Diablo III, the Dead Space series, and television like The Walking Dead and Cosmos. How amazing are those shows, by the way? Super amazing.

I’m full steam ahead with no stopping. Next month I’ll be visiting family, undertaking new training at work, and meeting with friends to do beading, IKEA trips, drinking cider, etc.

How are you? Does anyone read this yet? I need to start following Gala’s blogging tips and write on a more consistent basis. Please stick with me as I find my footing here.


Projects in 2014

- Posters with inspiring phrases for my office
- Handmade cards for everyone’s birthdays!
- Make a blueprint of our new apartment using Google SketchUp
- Properly light all rooms. Not having overhead lighting is especially common in apartment living rooms. We want to get a mix of high, low, and task lighting.

- Memorize a new recipe.
- Decide how to incorporate fitness as a part of lifestyle: Fitbit, a jog in the park, bicycling?

- Vancouver, BC – for real poutine!
- Washington, DC and Fargo, ND to see family.

Welcome to the new MHEART♥NET!

Hi, everyone! The site migration is nearing completion. Thanks for sticking with me.

So this is the new MHEART♥NET! As part of my new year resolutions, I really want to blog more often.

A quick recap as to how we got here: I’ve been blogging since I was about 11-years old, back when pausing the VCR tape of Sailor Moon to draw Emerald (Esmeraude) was part of the norm. After GeoCities Page Builder came many versions of LiveJournal and then Tumblr. Now we’re on a TLD, hosted by Lithium.

Let’s connect!


I love to make new friends. Feel free to e-mail me.

Cheers and thank you for your support,